Top 10 problems with digital files

Don't let these common challenges hold up your print job!

  1. Missing fonts.

  2. Low-resolution graphics were sent instead of high-resolution files.

  3. Digital files don't match the customer's supplied lasers printouts or PDFs.

  4. Characters were modified via the style palette (for example, bold or italic) rather than using the actual bold or italic font.

  5. Spot colors were produced in two different versions (for example, PMS 1955C and PMS 1955U).

  6. Photos don't fill out picture windows (for example, a tiny gab is left between photo and border).

  7. Book pages were set up as one double-sized page in reader spreads.

  8. Inaccurate clipping paths.

  9. Line art (logos) were saved in 300 dpi grayscale format, rather than 1200 dpi bitmap format.

  10. Not enough graphic/scan or images to meet bleed requirements.